Culture as a Foundation for Growth

Culture as a Foundation for Growth

Building a fantastic culture in your business to accelerate growth.

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About this course

This is the start of a series of courses in building an incredible culture in your business.  You need to start with this course to get an overview of what culture is and what it isn't.  This course will also give you the key elements of culture and help you identify what exists in your business already and what you need to create and work on.

There are lots of reasons to develop a strong, positive culture in your business.  Here are just a few;

1. A good culture improves staff attraction and retention, saving you money on training and recruitment

2. A good culture means the business isn't wholly reliant on one or two leaders or owners; people are empowered to take responsibility and therefore your business is more valuable

3. Investors and purchasers of businesses look for a strong management team and a strong culture on which to build.  It makes scaling the business easier - think McDonalds, think Apple - two companies with great, clearly defined cultures who can scale up because they've got the 'formula' right and its starts with culture

4. You attract more of the customers you want.  People are attracted to cultures they identify with and so you'll attract more of the kind of customers who love what you do and how you do it.  These people are always more profitable than people you have to entice and persuade to use your business or buy your product

5. People are happier.  A happy workforce is a more productive workforce and so the business makes more money and creates more value

The list is pretty endless and we reckon it adds up to 60% more value to your business by having a great culture.  Read Dr Paddy Lund's book, "The Happiness Centred Business", for more insights into building a great culture.

This course is only the start of the cultural journey.  It won't answer all your questions, but it will definitely get you started on the right track.

Course content

Culture as a Foundation for Growth

Overview of the Culture as a Foundation for Growth model

Vision and Mission

Meanings, Behaviours and Supporting Systems

Benefits of having a great culture

Attract more talented people Retain more talented people Retain and attract more customers that are more profitable Reduce costs Increase productivity the list goes on......

Frequently Asked Questions

Will using this course help my business to build a great culture?

Yes. This course is the starting point. Its the place you need to start when building a great culture.

Why would I want to have a great culture? We're too busy to think about things like that, isn't it a bit fluffy?

No. Its not fluffy. There's lots of evidence to show that a great culture reduces staff turnover, improves productivity, improves retention, improves scalability and improves talent attraction. All of this can add up to 60% to the value of your business. We don't think that's fluffy, we think that makes really good business sense.

Meet the expert

Rebecca Bonnington, MSc Coaching

A successful business owner since 1999, Rebecca is an award winning director with a wealth of experience in sales, executive coaching, corporate training and business consulting and coaching. She’s been personally endorsed by Dr Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP.

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