Habits and Housekeeping

Habits and Housekeeping

How to identify, create and implement great strategies in your business.

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About this course

Having good Habits and Housekeeping in your business is very much akin to getting your car serviced regularly.  Not only does servicing your car regularly maintain it, but it also keeps it safe and running at maximum efficiency. This makes it worth a great deal more when you come to sell it.

The same principles apply to your business.

Habits and Housekeeping is an easy-to-understand five-stage process that gives clarity on the areas of business you need strategies for and allows you to write them, plan them, and implement them in a step-by-step way.  

One top tip is that it's preferable to take a few strategies at a time that are easily managed and planned. Then implement them, monitor, evaluate and alter according to their levels of success.

Course content

Habits and Housekeeping

Overview of Habits and Housekeeping

Stage 1 - Our Business Understands This Idea

Stage 2 - Our Business Has a Written Plan for This

Stage 3 - Our Business is Actioning This Strategy

Stage 4 - Our Business Has A Feedback and Review Mechanism

Stage 5 - Finding Your Secret Sauce

How Habits and House Keeping Will Keep You Focused

We've designed a simple table to help you focus on the core competencies of your business. These are the core competencies that the most successful businesses focus on so its important you pay attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course involve any housework?

No. This is about getting your priorities right in your business and designing and implementing strategies for growth.

Will this course mean I have a stronger more focused business?

Yes. If you follow our advice and diligently work through this course at a sensible pace, you will find your business flourishing and growing in ways you did't think were possible.

Meet the expert

Rebecca Bonnington, MSc Coaching

A successful business owner since 1999, Rebecca is an award winning director with a wealth of experience in sales, executive coaching, corporate training and business consulting and coaching. She’s been personally endorsed by Dr Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP.


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